The Orientation Camp (OC) has been helping first-year students acquaint themselves with NTU since 2008. Passed down and improved for ten-ish years, the OC has become a memory of NTU students.

Last year, the OC canceled the original packaged courses into three-day activities. This year, we will hold the activities for four days.

1. OC16 Timetable

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2. OC16 Activities
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Solve puzzles
About the activity

First-year students will be put into teams and solve puzzles with information about the campus life of NTU, including the course selection rules, the administrative resources, and the campus environment. There will be a host for each team. Students who solve the puzzles will get a souvenir of OC16.


08/29 (Tue.) ~ 08/30 (Wed.) 

Venue Putong Lecture Building 2F
Note Three sessions each day; every session lasts for 60  minutes
Please sign up for 1 session only.
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  In-person: breakout games
About the activity

Students need to win games to collect stamps. The games are designed to help students understand topics such as gender-friendly policies, green campuses, counseling resources, and intellectual property.

Date 08/29 (Tue.) ~ 08/30 (Wed.) 
Venue Putong Lecture Building 2F
Note 1.Three sessions each day, 
2.Please sign up for 1 session only.
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  Get a taste of NTU clubs
About the activity Clubs related to food, music, games, sports, services, and traditional cultures will come to perform and recruit new members.
Date 08/31 (Thu.) 10:00 ~ 16:30
Venue Putong Lecture Building 2F~5F
About the activity

Professors and interdisciplinary alumnus will share their experiences at NTU with everyone. Live streams will be available.


10:00-11:00 | English Session: Prof. Kuo-Hsin Yang (Associate Vice President for International Affairs)

11:10-12:10 | Chinese Session: Prof. Ling-Chieh Kung (Outstanding teaching award at National Taiwan University)

14:00-15:00 | Chinese Session: Lecturer Chi-Chieh Peng (Alumni from the Department of Geography / Information visualization lecturer and writer)

15:30-16:30 | English Session: Jennifer Li-Yin Lin (Allumi from the Foreign Languages and Literatures department / English lectures Instructor)

Date 08/31 (Thu.)  
Venue Putong Lecture Building 1F (101 classroom)
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  Performance by clubs + Booths of the administrative units
About the activity

There will be a performance area and a booth area. Administrative units (The Main Library, NTUTEC, etc.) will be invited to set up stalls and disseminate information about their services through interactive games. Music and performance clubs will be invited to perform and recruit new members.

Date 09/01 (Fri.)
Venue Sports Center 1F
Visits 827